Just a Little Something About Me…

My name is Mary Sawyer and I have lived in Tyler, Texas for 15 + years. I have owned animals from cats to horses all my life. When I married my husband he knew he would have to take me AND my love for animals. My husband and I owned our own business for many years in the DFW area before we sold so we could slow down from that very fast paced lifestyle. We then moved to the East Texas area to live in the country. I then decided to become a registered nurse because I had a calling to care for people as well as pets. I have been a nurse for 12 years and love it, but I wanted to start a grooming business that can further satisfy my love for pets.We have been rescuing dogs for the past 30 years and have enjoyed grooming our own. We currently own 7 rescue dogs of all kinds and 2 horses.

I’ve had many years of experience and training to take care of your furry pets. I continue to do updated training to keep up with new skills, techniques, and styles of grooming. I have decided to open a mobile grooming salon because of how it allows for a personal one on one with your pet. This keeps your pet right at your doorstep or business and keeps them in a safe and clean environment without any distractions. Most of all, it allows your pet to never be caged as they are when taken to a standing salon. We never have wanted to cage our dogs, so we even purchased an RV so we could always take our dogs with us on vacations. I look forward to serving you and your furry pets to give them the love and attention I do my own.

Mary Sawyer, Owner & Operator