Policy and Agreement Acknowledgment

Pet Grooming Services. Every client will be asked to read and sign Groom N Dogs policy agreement prior to the first appointment. Client will hereby entrust their pet(s) to Groom N Dogs for the purpose of grooming services.

PAYMENTS: Due at time of service unless other arrangements have been made. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Any returned checks with NSF will have a $25.00 charge plus any other fee the bank may charge.

Please Read And Sign Policy Page

Take Care Of Your Furry Pets With Routine Grooming

Groom N Dogs understands your furry friend is like family. Take care of them by scheduling regular dog grooming services. When you maintain their coat, nails, and teeth, they are more likely to live long, healthier lives.

Benefits Of Regular Grooming

Brushing Your Pet

This stimulates the skin, brings out natural oils, removes the old coat and reduces shedding. We also use a Silk Conditioning Spray that gives their coat a soft and smooth finish.

Hand Drying

A variety of drying tools is used to assist in maintain a healthy coat and to prepare your pet for the desired style. During the drying process, we brush each dog thoroughly which will stimulate the skin and promote the natural oils. The drying process takes a bit longer than more common methods, but it allows for a softer and beautiful coat.

Nail Trim

This assist in slowly retracting the cuticle so that the overall length of the nail can be shortened. This is important for walking properly on their pads and not on their nails.

Ear Cleaning

This includes removing excess hair and cleaning dirt or other matter from the ears with a special solution. This is used to reduce odor and aid in preventing ear infections.

Teeth Brushing

Dogs build up plaque, tartar, and have gingivitis – all causes foul breath and tooth problems. A special brush with a special enzymatic toothpaste designed for dogs is used and tastes yummy. (This does not replace cleaning/scaling done by your veterinarian)

Finishing Touch

Depending on the breed, gender, size, your pet will be sent home with a seasonal bow or bandana and a good smelling spritz.

Pamper your pet with our Premium or Ultimate Spa Packages

Your pet deserves the whole package !

Groom services include an individual consultation on the first visit, where we get to know your pet, discuss all aspects of grooming, your expectations, and select a look that works for both you and your pet.

Prior to each groom, your pet will have a complete check of skin and coat, look for any lumps or bumps, or any significant changes of concern.

Regular grooming with this benefit may show a change that can be brought to your attention for further evaluation by your veterinarian. Catching something early can be a plus.

The Premium Spa Package includes:

  • Brush out knots and debris
  • Clip nails
  • Clean eyes, special solution to remove tear stains
  • Clean ears, remove ear hair, if needed
  • Trim paw pads
  • Sanitary clip (trimmed upon request)
  • Hydro massage bath with premium shampoo and conditioner (custom selected for each pets needs)
  • Towel and hand blow dry (never cage dried)
  • Dry and Fluff
  • Hoodies that cover ears are provided during the drying process to decrease any bothersome noise to your pet (Your groomer wears protective earphones and your pet deserves the same)
  • Silk conditioner finishing spray
  • Spray cologne spritz, if desired
  • Bow or Bandana
  • Tidy up of front and back legs and breeches

Pricing For Canines

Premium Spa Package

Small dogs under 25 lbs – $55.00

Medium dogs 26 to 50 lbs – $65.00

Large dogs 51 to 75 lbs – $75.00

Dogs 76 lbs and over – $85.00

Ultimate Spa Package

(which includes the Premium Spa Package plus a Specialty cut / Full body cut)

Small dogs under 25 lbs – $75.00

Medium dogs 26 to 50 lbs – $85.00

Large dogs 51 to 75 lbs – $95.00

Dogs 76 lbs and over – $100+

Additional Services

  • Nail filing/grinding (each nail is individually filed to a smooth finish) $15.00

  • Full Pawdicure, Pawlish $15.00 (includes filing/grinding)

  • Teeth brushing and breath spray $5.00 (does not replace veterinary scaling)

  • Handling charge $15.00 (for extremely difficult pets)

  • Skin and Coat conditioning treatment $10.00

  • De-Matting (by quote, estimate based on condition and time) $10.00 (15 min)
    We do not charge extra if there are only a few mats

  • De-Shedding treatment $25.00 and up (significantly reduces shedding with use of special tools, brushes, and a special shampoo and conditioner)

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

* We give a 15% discount to First Responders and Active Military.

Prices listed above and over the phone are ESTIMATES. A price will be confirmed upon arrival after meeting with you and your pet.

Cost depends upon size, breed, coat, quality of coat (i.e. mats), and desired style. For example, Goldendoodles range from $75-$125.